Enhanced Labs Signs Mr Olympia Winner Big Ramy

Enhanced Labs, The Maker of Highly-Effective Sports Supplements has signed Mr. Olympia 2020 Champion Big Ramy to a 3 Year Deal. Enhanced Labs makes high-end sports supplements for athletes, bodybuilders, personal trainers, and crossfit communities. While other brands continue to focus on fast growth through high-margin and low-dosages, Enhanced Labs positions itself as the sports supplement brand built by athletes for athletes.

Enhanced Labs Signs Mr Olympia Winner Big Ramy

Since launch in 2019, Enhanced Labs has experienced double digit month over month growth, with growth rates of over 40% per quarter, sustained. That growth continues with the stunning announcement that Enhanced has signed to an exclusive contract the winner of Mr. Olympia Big Ramy from Egypt for a 3 year deal. This is sure to shake up the bodybuilding and harder-edge sports supplement community, as few had Enhanced on the radar to make such a move.

Industry news outlets stack3d.com and generationiron.com posted announcements on the contract signing as it highlights the continued growth and explosion of Enhanced Labs as a now-established leader in sports supplements in the global marketplace. Much of the distribution network that Enhanced relies on for growth is international and makes it the best possible fit for the Egyptian Mr. Olympian Big Ramy.

Enhanced primary products are a glucose disposal agent named SLIN, a men's health product named Black Ox, and a strength product called Arachidonic Acid. They can all be found on their site at www.getenhanced.shop or on the Amazon marketplace.

Look for Enhanced Labs to continue to re-shuffle the sports supplement industry and eat into the volume of traditional supplement companies. Now with Mr. Olympia behind them, the growth potential becomes exponential. The growth makes sense: Enhanced offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their products and have a return-customer ratio of over 2/3.

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