New patented invention to customize a bike

Eric Wettlaufer, the owner of Insane Chains, has just patented a new invention that will change the way cyclists customize their bike chains. It's a revolutionary way for bikers to personalize the look of their single-speed bike chains with eye-catching custom colors. But what really makes this product so innovative is how easy it is to put on a bike.  There are no messy glues, complicated instructions, or need to take anything apart. Just put the custom Insane Chain over a bike chain and then snap it into place. It's a great way to personalize a bike in seconds.   

Patented invention to customize a bike like never before
It took Eric years of tinkering with the Insane Chain to make the application process intuitive while making sure the custom chain stayed secure. Now it's finally done, and bikers everywhere can easily customize their own chains. This invention is now available on the official Insane Chain website, and to celebrate the promotion of this revolutionary biking accessory, the first 1,000 customers will get free shipping and returns on their order. 

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